Thursday, November 26, 2015

3rd International Gamefowl Festival

With its continuous growth and success, the 3rd International Gamefowl Festival is now set on January 8, 9 and 10, 2016 at the premier events venue in the Philippines, SMEX Convention Center in Pasay City.

This 3-day event will feature suppliers, sponsors, equipment, feed products and service as well as related products catering to the game fowl raisers, breeders and festival attendees.
This will also feature lifestyle zone, gadgets and gizmos, technology and equipment, animal wellness products and alike. This festival will be participated in by embassies and different countries which have exhibitors on the related products. There will also be entertainment, mini concerts for international and local game fowl enthusiasts, hobbyists, breeders and investors.

The event is sponsored by Thunderbird and Lakpue Drug Inc., support by JU Gamefarm/James, JU Meroda Gamefarm, All Star Gamefarm, Ampy Tari Shop, Red Banakon (Jun Lao/Jaime Oasis), Cockfights Magazine, PE Farm Zamboanga, Pintakasi Gamefowl Supply, Empanada de Norte, Goldwin Gamefarm, Binalot ni Lola Ada, Blades of Glory, Citybank, Toper Farm Gensan, Carlo Tari Maker, Wingband Maker, BMJ Gamefarm, Serge Gamefarm, Armanisse Kitchen, 1st Philippine Scale, Frapinels Enterprise, Frapinels Eatery, Santino Metal Industries Inc and Kaagpas.
This is partnered with the following medias: Media partners are Gamefowl Magazine, Sabong TV (ABS-CBN Sports & IBC-13), Cockfights Magazine, Sabong Nation (IBC-13), Sabong Star Magazine, Bakbakan Na (IBC-13), Fightingcock Magazine, Lo-d’yis, Super Sabong, Cockpihan,Sabong News and Bladed Warriors.

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