Saturday, August 29, 2015

Twerking at Cockfighting Arena

           Every cockpit arena has their own gimmick how to entertain the gamefowl enthusiast. Some of them are hiring beautiful model to assist their costumers, while other cockpit operator are hiring round girls especially if they have big event. Of course, some of them are also hiring sexy dancers. This is a great marketing strategy because we knew that cockfighting is denominated by men although ladies have already entered into our circle.

            In a cockpit, there were two dancers who danced to the tune of Twerk it Like Miley. The video was posted in Yummy Pinay Facebook Fan Page.  The dancers were not contended in dancing on cockpit arena, they stepped down and they Twerk at the front of some cockers there. The audiences were really enjoyed with their performance. For cockers out there, what can you say about the video? Do we really need this kind of entertainment inside of a cockpit? We are here to fight our gamefowl chickens and not to watch beautiful girls. Well, admit it or not, you will love them especially if they will dance Twerk it Like Miley!



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