Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Philippine Poultry Show and Fiestag 2015 (Models)

         The Philippine Poultry Show and Fiestag is one of the biggest events in the game fowl industry. This year it was held from August 14-16 at SMEX, Mall of Asia, Pasay City. More than 200 exhibitors had been participated here and it was attended by thousands of game fowl enthusiast. The event became really exciting because the different local breeders showcased their chickens. So, the cockers can acquire stags and pullets from them. And of course, any event would not be exciting without the presence of the models. Gamefowl companies had their own models to represent their brands.

Here are the pictures of some models in Fiestag 2015:

B-Meg model

M-Meg model
Salto model

Vitarich models

Sabong Sport model

Thunderbird model

Iron Claw model

Iron Claw model

Iron Claw model


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