Friday, July 3, 2015

A Sentenciador Was Hit by the Gaff of a Rooster

      It is not easy to become a sentenciador because this is a very dangerous job. You need to be careful all the time because there is a tendency that you will hit bu the gaff of a chicken. This is the reason that's why some of them are wearing protection gear into their wrist. But many of them including the veteran senteciador Berong Javellana are brave enough not to use any gear. There are just very careful when they are doing their job. But sometimes accidents comes in a moment that yo don't expect although they did the right thing.

Unfortunately, there is a senteciador was hit by the gaff of a chicken in New Tarlac Coliseum. We will see this in a video shared by a Facebook user named Liam Greta Sean. It has a caption which says, "Sentensyador pinalo ng sinesentensyahan na manok." This video serves a warning, not only to the sentenciador outhere, but also to the cockers who are releasing their chickens at the cockpit arena. Right timing is very important before they put their chicken. Let us hope that the sentenciador who hit by the gaff will be recovered immediately.



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