Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Different Wire Training for Game Fowl Chicken

                Every cocker has a different style on how we train our game fowl warrior. Some of it is traditional, while the other method is unusual. This is just natural because we want to win in a derby. Whatever it is the most important is if that method will be effective for us or else it is nonsense. Of course, we train our rooster to exercise their muscle or body. We will know if they are ready if we observe that if they have power and gameness when we spar them.

                In the internet we can see a lot of strategy of game fowl training like using rope and steel. While there are cockers who are using wires like we will see in this video that went viral on Facebook.  This video was uploaded Gallo Pico Y Espuela, a Mexican breeder. The attentions of the netizens were caught because it is very different to the wire training that we already seen on social media. This is very extreme and intense for the chicken. To know the full scenario you should watch this video. 


Una manera practica y facil de entrenar nuestros gallos de pelea, Interesados ponganse en contacto con el Castadero y Criadero la Conga. http://www.facebook.com/GalloPicoyEspuela✏ #Twitter:➥ @PicoyEspuela https://twitter.com/PicoyEspuela
Posted by Gallo Pico y Espuela on Sunday, 15 February 2015

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