Monday, June 15, 2015

The Gameness of a Featherless Chicken

       Almost of the cockfighters around the world loves good looking chickens. This is our preference when we are selecting materials or to use it as our gamefowl warrior. We love chicken which has a good body conformation and with a medium height.

On the other side, we can't also erase the truth that there are cockers who aren't giving importance to the looks of a chicken. It doesn't matter even the chicken is ugly. For them, the most important  is they have power, gameness and cutting ability or they knew how to defeat their opponents. What is the sense of a good looking chicken if their performance is poor?

Anyway, there is a video that makes round online via social media. This is a match between a normal and featherless chicken. The netizens had been amazed because the featherless chicken shown a great performance. It reminds us the adage which says "Don't judge the book by its cover". We can also say that don't judge the chicken by its looks. Sometimes the physical appearance could be deceiving. This is very true, this is applicable not only to human, but also to chickens.


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