Monday, June 1, 2015

The Angry Gamefowl Chicken

                Gamefowl are very aggressive in nature and it is very natural for them to be angry; not only to other gamecocks but also to human. This is the reason why there are chickens we called man fighter chickens. Other cockfighters love this kind of feathered warrior because they have an assurance that it will give them a goodfight on a cockpit arena.

                But hey, what if the cocks are really bad or naughty? Will push your children to approach them? Or maybe you will teach them to avoid them if they don’t want to be hurt. Well, other children love to bully because sometime some of them are also bullying not only their playmates and classmates, but also their pets including chickens. There is a video making rounds online about angry cocks. This is very funny because the children have a strong fear to these creatures. Even the bully had been running; for he doesn’t want to get hit by the cock. While the other children can’t fight; all they have to do is to run and to cry. Well, you should watch the video to know how funny is it. 

Galo Irritado ▬ Angry COCk
Não mexa com quem está quieto!
Posted by Gentil Dorneles on Monday, 25 May 2015

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