Friday, June 19, 2015

Pretty Gaffer in the World of Cockfighting

        Cockfighting is known as a sport for gentlemen. But it is not true anymore because women today are also entering to our beloved sport despite of the fact that some of their relatives are opposing them with their new hobby. We can't blame them; their perspective is very different compared to us. For them, cockfighting is just a barbaric sport. But for cockfighters like us, this is a genuine sport.  If they were only put their shoes on us; maybe their perception will be changed. 

          Speaking of lady cockers, Osang dela Cruz and Robi Yu Panis are already made their names in the Philippine cockfighting scene. They had proven that gender is not a hindrance to become a popular in the gamefowl industry. Osang is a cocker-breeder who already got a lot of championships in big derbies. While Robi is the famous farm manager of Firebird Gamefarm, owned by Biboy Enriquez. Aside from being a farm manager, she is also a gaffer. She have been recognized as the 'princess gaffer' of the Philippine cockfighting. 

         The good news is even the women in other countries like in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, etc. are already active in cockfighting. There is a video of a lady gaffer from Mexico makes round online. Like Robi, she is also a good looking and has a charisma too. In fairness, she is also good in what she does. You should watch her video to know how to execute his work as a gaffer. 



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