Sunday, June 14, 2015

Karambola of Game Fowl Chickens

               Philippines is known as the capital of cockfighting in the world because where ever you go you can find game fowl chickens. We inherited this kind of tradition from our forefathers. Before the Spaniards conquered our country, historians believed that cockfighting was already existed. But nowadays this sport is really different compared before because it is really evolved. Even lady have been involved in cockfighting. Aside from this, we have different kind of derbies like stag, bullstag, cock derby, etc. But we are not contented from these; we also made ‘karambola’ or the rumble of the chickens. This is the true survival of the fittest.

                Of course, Mexico is our counterpart in terms of cockfighting. Cockfighting for them is also a tradition that they inherited from their forefathers. They have also ‘karambola’ like the content of the video that went viral online. We will see a lot of  gamefowl chickens involved in a karambola. This is really a rare and great scenario. The viral video has already gained thousands of views from the netizens. 


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Posted by Gilberto Collado on Saturday, 13 June 2015

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