Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cockfighter in the Making

              Many of us had been exposed in cockfighting when we were still a child. Maybe some of us, learned how to raise chicken during elementary days. We were taugh through our grandfather, father, uncles and even by our neighbor. That was a great experience because at our early young age we already saw the beauty of cockfighting compare to other cockers who are late bloomers. But it doesn’t important anymore; the most important is we are really enjoying the sport.

                Let me share the video the video uploaded in YouTube, a 2 years old and a 6 months old named Andrei is already know how to spar chickens. The video was uploaded on July 2013. His father is already training him how to be a cockfighter. We already watched a video of kid cockers, but I think this is the youngest from them. You will be amazed to this kid because he has a potential to be a good cocker when he grow up.

                As a parent, if we teach our son or daughter how to handle chicken, it is very important that we should take care or protect them at all time. We knew that gamefowl chicken is very harmful especially if it is a man-fighter. And of course, don’t force them to adopt or imitate our hobby if they are not interested in cockfihgting. But if they like it, go ahead and let us support them. Someday they  will become our partner or associate in our career in cockfighting. 



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