Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Battle of Little Game Fowl Chickens

            As we have already observed, gamefowl chickens were born to become a fighter. If they will see other gamebirds, there is a chance that they would attack it. We can’t resist because this is just a natural for them. We can’t resist if this is what they feel or how they treat each other unless we will put away the aggressiveness that running into their blood. But can we do that? Even we breed or cross them to native chickens; for sure their characteristic would not be changed. They would only pass their bravery to the native chickens; but the native chickens would not make a great impact to the gamefowl chickens. This is the reason why we need to separate our gamefowls if they already become a stag.

                In some instances, even chicks already love to become a fighter at their young age. There is a video uploaded on social media which shows that even chicks have already gameness. The video is really nice because the chicks are really cute like the game of the quails that was already featured in this blog on the previous post. These little creatures had already known their role in their lives and that is to express their natural characteristic and of course to give entertainment to those people who loves cockfighting!



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