Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Cockfighting Aficionado Involves in Corruption in BOC?

               A former employee of Bureau of Customs named Ronald Sanchez has been involved in anomaly after the BOC intelligence group found out that he earned almost 9 million pesos in just 7 months. They have a doubt that money gained from bribery.

                The Ombudsman has a plan to file a graft corruption case against the former BOC employee. Sanchez was resigned to his due to there is a death threat in his life. According to the BOC intelligence group, it’s very impossible for Sanchez to deposit a huge amount of money in his and family’s bank account. He is just a scanner in BOC who was earning 23 thousand pesos per month. So, where he got that money? One of his duties is to point out the van that needs to undergo in spot inspection. To avoid hassle, it is possible that there were brokers or importers bribed him.

                The bad news, Sanchez is also a cockfighter. There was a picture of him taken in World Slasher Cup held in Araneta Coliseum seen on TV. The sabong community is really saddened to this kind of report because other people may think that some of us who works in government offices are also corrupt. We are using the money which we doesn’t own. Of course, this story is an isolate case only.As far as we have known, the cockfighting industry is composed of honest gentleman and honest people. If you're not honest, you're not a true cockfighter at all. 

                To know the whole story, watch the 24 Oras report of GMA 7.


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