Wednesday, June 3, 2015

400 Game Fowl Chickens Died in Food Poisoning


         A Facebook user Kit Soliman posted on his account that a handler named Jim Noe Ballester poisoned the gamefowl chickens of his friend in La Union. Before leaving, the handler mixed a poison to the gamefowl feeds. Then, he escaped and went in Bicol or in nearby areas. Kit Soliman gave a warning to the farm owners, if ever this person would apply with them, don’t accept him if they don’t want to experience what happened to his friend. Four hundred chickens of Boy Tare died in that poisoning. The sad thing, all of their stags, pullets and corded cocks which are imported had been wiped out.

            There is no explanation mention in a post why the handler committed the crime. Cockfighters have different opinion about the report. Others assumed that it will not happen if the boss is kind to his people. They remind the farm owners that they should always be fair with their people if they don’t want to experience such like this. But for other cockers, whatever the motive of the handler they wished that he never did it. It is not appropriate to involve the chickens in his anger to his boss. Whatever his problem, it was better if he talk with his boss to find a solution. Then, the other point, it is an animal cruelty. Imagine, he culled 400 chickens in an instant!

            Let us hope that the handler will get caught by the police to pay the crime that he committed.


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