Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Incredible Game Fowl Chicken

          Game fowl chickens are known as being aggressive because they were born to become a warrior. They are fearless and never afraid to lose their lives. Every  bloodlines have their own traits and characteristic and from this we will conduct a study how we can use them as our material in breeding. We expect that  they could produce a good material. We how that they their product of our breeding is tough and powerful. So, we are near to the championship that we want to attain.

            But what if we have a super powerful and incredible chicken? Like other human being their bodies were designed to make unusual things. For example, they have a capability to  break a hard objects like steels, hollow blocks by just using their hands. Or they knew how to eat sword and crystal. Of course, we really admired their unique talent because not all people around the world can do that.

            Hey, wait a minute, there is a video of a game fowl chicken went viral through social media because of its being powerful. The chicken is very strong he knew how to pull a cart with a passenger. As this moment that I’m writing this article, the video has gained more than 6 million views and thousands of likes and shares. The netizens were really amazed for what they have watched.   



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