Friday, May 22, 2015

The Fighting Style of Our Game Fowl Chickens

Every cockfighter have their own preference regarding how to choose the fighting style of a chicken. Many of us are looking for a bird which is clever and have gameness. We don’t like chicken that very aggressive; attacking without thinking. Yes, we might impress because they are multiple shuffler. But the question is are they hit their enemy or not? This kind of chicken don’t know how to play the game. Cockfighting is like playing chess, your chicken needs timing and focus to win.

Well, if we will ask our fellow cockfighters, I’m sure they will say that they love strong chicken with a high speed. In the first buckle, they might defeat immediately their opponent. That's what we called single stroker. But it is not always depend upon the fighting style of our chicken. We know that every chicken has their own characteristic. There are some factors that we need to consider. We may attribute it to the bloodline or the way how we breed and condition our chicken. Whatever style they have, the important is we have trusted to our feathered warrior when  every time we bring them in a cockpit.

Sometimes, even if our chicken has a good fighting style, it’s hard to predict if they would win. Because there are times that they almost win, but all of a sudden they lose. Remember, in cockfighting every one has the chance to win; we or our opponents. Like what others said, there’s no one dominating in the world of cockfighting. Maybe that was happening long time ago; only few names were very popular in cockfighting. Now, the situation is very different because even backyard breeders are winning in big events like Bakbakan, World Slasher Cup, etc. We never heard their name before but they became a cocker superstar in an instance. We could ask ourselves, what is the reason behind their success? Is it the fighting style of their chicken? I think, that is only one factor. Their determination paves their way to stardom. They are an inspiration for small time breeders who are also dreaming to win in a prestige derby. Anyway, it is not impossible, the information about gamefowl is available anywhere either in television, internet, magazine and other resources. We may ask to other breeders who had long experience of raising chickens. I’m sure, many of them are willing to assist and share their knowledge with us. As what I’ve known, cockfighters are one of  friendliest persons in the world. It is easy for us to connect if we are both breeders or cockfighters.

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