Monday, May 11, 2015

Silent Derby for Game Fowl Enthusiasts

            Cockfighting is already a passion all over the world and we can consider it also as an addiction because we can’t resist ourselves to be involved in this sport. But of course, this is a positive kind of addiction; aside from it gives livelihood to many people, it also booster our health. Because of the addiction of some people in game fowl derby, they were invented a different way how to express it.

            As what we have knew, the audiences in a game fowl derby are very noisy inside of a cockpit. This is just natural, due to their excitement and the joy that they feel every time their chicken is fighting on the cockpit arena. But the truth is, not all derbies are noisy, in this video that went viral on social media, the battle between two quails is very different because the audiences are very silent. You can’t hear any noise from them; it seems that they are inside of a library. At first look, you will assume that they are chicks. I’m not sure if they are already built an arena for these little creatures. One thing for sure, this kind of derby is really cool. Kudos to those people who invented this, at least we have an alternative option if we want to experience a unique derby like this one.



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