Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Gay Humor in Cockfighting

In cockfighting, gender is not an issue. You are very welcome here whoever you are, either you are a man or a woman. It is not true anymore that cockfighting is a gentleman’s world. Because where ever you go, you could see women releasing chickens in a cockpit arena. But of course, there are some members of third sex in cockfighting. Maybe at first you will laugh at them because most of them are really funny. They are screaming while releasing and watching the fight of their chicken. They have also different gestures compare to real men like swaying their hips. They also love to dance, but this is just an expression to release the tension that they feel. If we will look, this is only natural for them to be like that because that is their nature. Most of them has a sense of humor. But in reality,they are also very serious with their craft. We should not look with their gender, but to the performance of their chicken.



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