Friday, May 15, 2015

A Different Game Fowl Training

Conditioning of our game fowl chicken is one of the crucial moments before we send it at the cockpit arena. Of course, some of us have different style with our conditioning method. We make sure that we are giving the proper treatments and vitamin to our chicken before the day of the fight. We don't also give them too much food and drink to empty their body system. Hence, they will become more aggresive with its opponent.

In this video, we will see a cocker who has a unique style on how he condition his  chicken. . No, he is not using a dummy sparring mate for his chicken. What he did was he made an equipment and he hang the other chicken which serves as sparring mate of his chicken. But the feathered warrior can't fight with each other. They are just turning rounds in circle. This is just a tactic to boost the energy and aggressiveness of the chicken which undergoes in his conditioning or training method.



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