Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Different Fighting Style of a Game Fowl Chicken

       Boxing fans around the globe were really disappointed to the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. They assumed that they would see a greatest fight, but what happened Mayweather just had been escaped to the punch of Pacquiao through running and hugging. Well, maybe that was only his strategy to protect his title as an undefeated champion.  We knew that he didn't taste any lose from his previous fight. Pacquiao asked Mayweather for a rematch, at first Mayweather was open for a second rematch; but recently he changed his mind. Maybe he thought that his title would be in danger if he will fight again Pacquaio. For him, Pacquiao has done everything and he has nothing to prove anymore. Aside from that Mayweather has a plan to retire in boxing this year.

        If we connect the Pacquiao and Mayweather fights to chickens; there are many chicken which is acting like Mayweather. They doesn't want to fight their opponents; instead to fight they are running away just to escape from the hit of the gaff. At least, there is a big chance for them to save their lives. It is not always true that game fowl chickens are born to become a fighter. Some of them are coward also or we can also say that they are just a good strategist like what Mayweather claimed to defend his actions. Hmm, it seems that other game fowl chickens have a sense to avoid danger that's why they have a tendency to run while they are on the cockpit arena. If this could happen, this will be an embarrassing moment for the owner of that chicken.

 By the way, here is the sample of Pacquiao Versus Mayweather chicken version!

ว่างๆไม่มีไรทำแดดไม่มีเลยวันนี้เอาไก่หนุ่มเตะเล่น อะไรของมันวิ่ง ๆ เวียนหัว
Posted by ซุ้มศิริกลัยา ฟาร์ม หนุ่มเชียงใหม่ on Wednesday, 25 March 2015

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