Friday, April 24, 2015

The Power of Game Fowl Chicken

            Gamefowl were born to fight, they had an instinct to defeat each other. We don’t why what happened, why they hate and they have rivalry within their ranks. Maybe the braveness is already flowing on their veins. Some people criticizing cockfighters because on their opinion, we are abusing this kind of bird by using them for entertainment.  Never mind those people, the important is we are enjoying and giving livelihood to a lot of people out there because of cockfighting.

                Well, there is another form of cockfighting, they called this as gamecock boxing. In this game, the chickens are not using a gaff. This is already a trend in some countries such as Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand etc. In this video, we will watch an Aseel chicken which is very strong because he defeated its opponent in just a few seconds.


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