Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Controversial Fight in World Slasher Cup

The World Slasher Cup 2015 1st edition held at Smart Araneta has been shrouded of controversy after a hicken suddenly died between the fight of BLACK JACK JUNLIP 21 and CMC BCC JBC Gamefarm. The cockers who already watched the  fight believes that the chicken was became a victim of poisoning. The video of it covered by sabongsports.com spreads over the internet via Facebook and it became a topic around the sabong community.

Filipino cockfighters condemns the incidents because the cheaters already entered even in prestigous derby like World Slasher Cup. They thought that this kind of dirty tactics can be find only in tupada or small derbies. They concludes that what happened was an inside job. The owner of that died chicken should blame his workers through their negligence.

The cockfighters have different opinion regarding the incident. Other cockers said that the suspect might used a drug for the horse. While some of them believes that the suspect used cynicide, a strong kind of poison. Some of them also believes that it might affect the integrity of the World Slasher Cup. There is a tendency that the foreign visitors would not join again in their next derbies because they are already afraid that they would also become a victim of bad cockers out there.

The cockers recommends to the organizers of World Slasher Cup that they should make an autopsy to know what's the real cause of the death of the chicken. Next time they should be vigilant to avoid cheaters to practice dirty tactic just to win in the derby. But the good thing is they canceled the fight to stop the trouble.


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