Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sexy Dancers in Cockfighting

              We love cockfighting not only because we can express ourselves or to fight our game fowl chickens. We also love this sport because it has a lot of gimmicks. The cockpit owners make sure that they will entertain their customers. So, they will come back next time and to invite their friends to come with them. Here in the Philippines, in some big derbies, the cockpit owners are hiring beautiful ladies to become a model, dancer or being a round girl. They serve as an ice breaker before and after the fights.  It brings more thrill and excitement for the game fowl enthusiast. Who says that girls are giving bad luck in cockfighting? Anyone who will say that is just a KJ or he can’t appreciate pretty ladies because he loves men. I’m just kidding.

                Anyway, even in other countries like in Vietnam, they are also using beautiful ladies to entertain the game fowl aficionados. Like we will see in this video, there are two girls who have been dance in their cockpit arena.  This video went viral via social media and it has already gained thousand views from cockers all over the world. You can also share the link of this post to your friends if you like this video. Enjoy!

Posted by พิชิตชัย ฟาร์ม on Friday, 23 May 2014

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