Friday, April 10, 2015

Game Fowl Chickens for Peace

           Game fowl chickens were born to become a  fighter that’s why we can’t resist if they want to fight each other. It is natural for them to be aggressive because it is already running in their veins. Hence, we really admire them for having this kind of characteristic. We enjoy them to watch when we spar them until we bring them into the cockpit arena. This is our chance to know if our breeding and conditioning method is really effective. But it doesn’t mean that when we will be losing, our effort is also nonsense. Maybe the chicken of our opponent is really stronger or they are only lucky in that day. We can try our luck in our next fight. For the mean time, we should improve what we do to develop our gamecocks.

                But have you experienced before that your chicken ran in a fight? If yes, what did you felt during that time? Maybe you’re really ashamed for what happened. You never imagine that your chicken will be acted that way because you trained the chicken according to your knowledge. But you also realized that was normal and it was also happening to other cockfighters. We can also conclude that the chicken is not in the mode to fight. We can also say that the chicken is just a coward.

               Anyway, there is a video making rounds online and it has already gained a lot of views from the cockers like us. In the video, it seems that the game fowl chickens have an agreement not to fight. The funny is, both of them doesn't want to hurt each other and it seems that they are also tired. Are they really afraid to fight because they are coward or what? It is better for you to watch to know the story.



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