Friday, April 3, 2015

A Unique Game Fowl Conditioning

             Exercising is really important to become physically fit. It will also boost our immune system. Hence, we can avoid from sickness that could deteriorate our health. That’s why many people around the world who love to exercise. Even we knew the importance of exercise, we can deny that some of us really don’t like it because it is very stressfull. All they want is just to sit down and to be relaxed. Well, exercising is really good, but don’t excercise too much if you have asthma and heart problem. It’s just a case to case basis. If you’re an athlete or a gym enthusiast, of course, you need a lot of exercise to attain the figure that you want.

              In cockfighting, we are also exercising and conditioning our game fowl chicken for them to become ready in a fight. We need to develop their muscles or feet which is the primary source of their strength. Of course, we have different style how we do that. There is a video that went viral via social media. It shows a unique exercise equipment designed for game fowl chicken. The chicken need to run like what we see in a gymnasium. To know the whole scenario, just watch the video.



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