Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Coward But a Man Fighter Game Fowl Chicken


        Game fowl chickens were born to become a warrior that's why they are very aggressive in nature. It seems that they are angry with other game birds. Where ever they see each other, they will fight against each other. As a cocker, we just use them to develop this kind of characteristic through training and conditioning. But we can't also erase the truth that not all game fowls are brave or aggressive; some of them are also coward. They are just showing their braveness when we spar them. But if we will bring them in the cockpit to face an actual fight; they will only run. What a shameful moment if we confront a situation like this.

       In this video that went viral via social media; you will be surprised. The chicken is coward to other chicken; but it is aggressive to human. Sometimes out of our anger, we want to cook them. But we realize that we still need them to use in our entry in cockfighting. Well, watch the video to know what really happened.

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Posted by Even Demata on Sunday, 26 April 2015

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