Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Cheaper Game Fowl Conditioning

Taking care of and conditioning our game fowl chicken is not an easy task because we are investing, not only our money, but also our precious time. There are a lot of things we need to consider before we gain the success that we are dreaming for. Yes, it is true that raising a game fowl chicken is really expensive because give all the basic necessities that they need to grow healthier and stronger.

In terms of conditioning our chicken, sometimes we don't need money to train them. All we have to do is use our imagination and find a way how to train them without any cost. Other cockers buys equipment, they believed that it would help them to gain the right stamina for their chicken. But there are also cockers who are making a homemade training equipment because they want to lessen their expenses. That's good, aside from using cheap materials, they are also become creative or imaginative.

Anyway, there is a video that making rounds online. There is a cocker who are very frugal. You will be amazed with his style how he train his game fowl chicken. Instead to buy any equipment for it; what he did was he just got a rope and he tied his chicken on it. Then, he swing  the chicken to hackle the other chicken. This is to train the speed and the sharpness of the chicken. Is this a good idea or not? At least, in kind of training, it is very simple and practical as well.



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