Sunday, March 29, 2015

Round Girls for Cockfighting

            It is really enjoyable to join the cockfighting here in the Philippines because it offers a lot of surprises. Not only because we don't know if we could win or lose in our fight. It is more fun to attend in a cockpit arena if there is something special with their program. Of course, cockpit owners and managers have different styles on how they operate their business. Some of them are hiring sexy dancers to entertain the audience. That's really great because we really need this kind of ice breaker to change the atmosphere inside the place. We knew that men really love pretty women especially dancers because we are attracted with their moves. 

            In Roligon Mega Cockpit, they are using using girls to serve it as appetizer to the game fowl aficionados. The cockers have different reaction about the gimmick of Roligon management. It serves as their lucky charm for their chickens. For others, it is just okay and they really love it. But of course, for the conservative one they don't like it. They believed that it is not appropriate to use round girls in cockfighting. So, don't imitate what's in the boxing scene. Anyway, let us watch the video uploaded by Edrib SpeEdrib Gb...



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