Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dance Craze in Cockfighting

          It seems that fun in cockfighting never ends. Not only because we are enjoying every time we fight our chicken at the cockpit arena. Cockfighting become more interesting because of the characteristic of our fellow cockers. They only not a good trainer, but they are also a good entertainer. Some of them have a lot of gimmicks. We don't know if they are doing  this to get the attention of the audience. Aside from that there is a possibility that if someone would take them a video, there is a tendency that they will become an internet sensation although what they did was they acted like an insane. Maybe they are just doing this for the sake of fun and to express the thrill that they feel or they just want to cheer their chickens. Even it could destruct the chicken of their opponent. Well, we are in a free country, as long they are not doing illegal we can consider their acts as good because it make us laugh. We know that laughing is a good medicine.

       There is video of a man wearing red t-shirt. This was uploaded on YouTube by Roger Lam and the video was taken at Cagayan de Oro. The title of the video is Gangnan Style sa Sabong. But no, it's not the dance craze popularized by Psy, this is just a free style or an expression of joy. It seems that he is in the disco house. What a groovy move! The netizens have different reactions about this video. For others especially for those people who don't understand cockfighting, the man is just acting like a fool. But for the cockers out there, the man just wanted to express his feeling through dancing. They have an appeal that please don't think that this man is representing the whole gamefowl industry.There are many serious cockfighters who doesn't act like this on the cockpit arena. But of course, that's their style so don't break it. The most important, cockfighting become more happy because of those cockfighters who wants to be a comedian.


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