Monday, March 2, 2015

Boy Tumbling of Cockfighting

It is really true that it is more fun in the Philippines, not only because of our best tourist spot. But it is really enjoying to join in cockfighting here in our country. That’s why even the foreign cockers loves to visit us to experience what kind of sport do we have. And for those who had already visited us; even if you will ask them, they may say that they would like to go back in the Philippine. Some of them are already staying in our country for good. As a matter of fact, they had built their own farm in the provinces because they just wanted to play cockfighting until the end of their lives.

Well, speaking of enjoyment, some of the Filipino cockfighters are really humorous. Maybe it is in our blood to become a happy person. According to the result conducted by other country, we are the most happiest people on earth. That’s true, we can smile even in the midst of disarters and calamities. In this video, we will see a man who is extremely happy. Out of his excitement, he was tumbled on the cockpit arena. Maybe he just wanted to show his acrobatic skills to the audience. No, maybe he did that because he wanted his chicken to be lucky. If there is Boy Rolling, there is also a counterpart of him. Let me presents the video of Boy Tumbling...


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Posted by Gari Aldo on Sunday, September 6, 2015

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