Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Unique Method for Game Fowl Training

           Every cocker has their own style how to prepare their chickens in a fight. Almost of us undergo our feathered warrior in a hard training. Like an athlete, we have different method how we strengthen their muscles. We also make sure that they have enough resistance against diseases that's why we give the right medicines and vitamins. We are just giving limited food and water to make sure that they would not become overweight. So, if we put them in a weighing scale, their weight would be exact with the minimum weight requirement of a derby. 

            In terms of innovation, some cockers are very creative. If they are lack of equipment, they can provide it like what happened in a video that went viral on Facebook. The cocker made customizedequipment for the game fowl chicken which serves as a part of his training program. He used hollow block and a bamboo then he put a chicken on it. Then, the gamecock that undergoes in training will run after to spar that chicken. The purpose of this training is to strengthen the legs of the chicken through running. To understand the whole story behind this, you should watch the video. 



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