Friday, March 6, 2015

10 Commandments in Cockfighting

          No, this is not the ten commandments given to Moises by the God in Mount Senai. This is the ten commandments for the cockfighters that spreads via internet. The statements here are very funny, but all of these are really true. These are very clear and it doesn’t need any interpretation. But I will elaborate it for the sake of fun.

1. The first commandment reminds us that don’t drink alcoholic beverage if we are going in cockpit arena. There is a tendency that you may face trouble if you’re  become a war freak.  If you can’t avoid drinking, just drink minimal only or in other words don’t be drowned through the spirit of wine. We knew that sometimes we can’t control ourselves to get drunk. Admit it. 

2.The second commandment is really obvious. Of course, you can’t fight the chicken which is not yours unless you will buy it from the owner or you have a permission to use it.

3. The third commandment  is a reminder for those people we called as ‘mananabit’ or who don’t know how to pay if they  lose because they don’t have money.  Remember that being a cockfighter, it means that you’re also true with your words. So, don’t play cockfighting if you don’t have money or else you will be beaten up by other cockers and you can’t come back again in that cockpit.

4. The fourth commandment is telling us that don’t trust other people to hold our chicken when we are in a fight. There is a tendency that the chicken could be sabotaged by cracking its legs. It doesn’t mean that you’re not trusting other people, but you’re just taking care of your chicken.

5. The fifth commandent says that be careful with cheaters if you don’t want them to take advantage. If not you’ll gonna be lose and in the end your chicken will become tinola or adobo. We knew that cheaters are scattered where ever cockpit we go. That’s why we should always be aware.

6. The six commandment reminds us that don’t stake your money to the person that you’re not yet so familiar. We knew that there are also impostors present at the cockpit arena. They are pretending that they are a ‘kristo’, but their intention is to steal  your money.

7. The seven commandment is just saying that don’t fight with the chicken of your friends if you don’t want him to have a grudge on you. Although we always hear that it doesn’t matter because cockfighters are known for being a gentleman and sport as well. But of course, we always take care also the friendship that we have to avoid the problem.

8. The eight commandment has resemblance with the fifth commandment that says be careful to the cheaters. If you don’t want to experience being nothing .

9. If you’re in the cockpit arena, just always save money if you don’t want to be stranded in anywhere else. In other words, don’t use your fare, so you’re still able to go home.

10. The ten commandment is very important, take care of your money especially if you won in cockfighting. If you go home without any amount in your pocket, there is a tendency that your wife will get mad at you. Always give consideration to your family before anything else. There is an adage that all excess things are bad. So, put into your mind that we play cockfighting just to enjoy ourselves and not to lose all of our money.


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