Monday, February 16, 2015

The Running Rooster

                Have you already experienced that one of your chicken ran during a fight? If yes, what did you felt during that time? Of course, you were very ashamed of yourself. You expected that your chicken would give you a good fight. But in the end, you had been dismayed.  Imagine, you conditioned and trained the chicken very well and out of a sudden, it just ran away. You don’t understand, how did it happened? You gave all of your effort to make sure that your chicken would become aggressive over his opponent.  

                Maybe because of your frastration, you culled the coward chicken. It might remind your shamefullness that you confronted in the cockpit arena. Well, don’t be sad and think that you’re a useless breeder. This kind of scenario is very natural. Although the gamecocks born to be fighter; there are times that they’re not in the mood to fight with their opponent.

                Here is the video that went viral on social media. This was uploaded in a Facebook page named El Show de Piolin from Mexico. It will show you how a gamecock ran very fast after the owner released it. For sure, this video will make you laugh.



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