Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Drunken Chicken

               Many of us really love to drink fermented beverages. We always serve it every time there is a occasion or even in simple gathering with our friends. Of course, this kind of drink makes us happy and high. But to other people it has bad effects. Because of it they become bold and aggressive until it leads them into trouble. That’s why we always hear from others that don’t put the distilled spirit into your head, instead just put it into your stomach. When you feel that you’re already drunk, stop drinking then go home and sleep.

                But hey who said that only human loves fermented beverages even animal love to taste it. Like what we will see in a viral video; there is a chicken that out of his thirsty he drinks distilled spirit in a plastic cup.  This video was uploaded by a Mexican FB user and as of now it has gained thousands of views and shares. The people who already watched the video said that they have been entertained because it was really funny. They also love the background music of the video. Is this the new way how we condition our chicken? Just kidding, of course, this is just for fun and nothing personal here. For sure, you will also love this video.

Watch the video here:


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