Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Dream Girl of a Game Farm Owner

What if we have a beatiful and sexy handler in our farm? Of course, this will be a great bonus for us. We can consider her as our lucky charm. If we are still single we could mingle and flirt with this georgous handler. LOL. But if you have already partner and she understands your hobby, you're already lucky. We knew that is is very seldom for girls to appreciate our sport because they believed that cockfighting is for gentlemen only. But we knew that's not true because there are also lady cockers within our ranks.

      If there is a beautiful lady who wants to apply in your farm, don't take advantage; always be professional. Don't imitate the style of other bosses who are courting their secretary and in the end that poor secretary will become their mistress. LOL. Well, there is nothing wrong to dream to have a pretty handler. But it would become true, take care of her. For sure,  your men in farm and other cockers may court her.

Anyway, there is a video of a lady cocker which is became a trending via social media. The video was uploaded by a Vietnamese FB user. In this moment while I'm writing this article, it has already gained more than 45 thousand views. For sure, you will also love to watch her video.



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