Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Scandal in the Cockfighting Arena


               Cockfighters are one of the most cheerful people in the world, maybe because we are very excited every time we enter in the cockpit. This is very natural, our sport has full of thrill. We don’t know if our game fowl chicken would lose or win in a single fight. Of course, we already made a lot of effort before we put them on the arena. Even we have no assurance if we will win, we still expect. Of course, every one of us wants to become a championship.

                Our other cockmates, because of their extreme excitement it seems that they forgot to behave when they are on the top of cockpit arena. We have already seen some of them who danced or doing bizarre acts. We don’t know, if they just want to express themselves or what. It also possible, they want to entertain the crowd. In an instant they became an instant celebrity when their video went viral on social media particularly in Facebook like the video of a cocker that spreads online. In this video, we will watch the cocker who is very naughty. At first, his body movement is shaky then suddenly he took off his t-shirt and pants. Hence, the gamefowl enthusiast got mad and laughed on him. 

Post by Louie Pabatao.

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