Saturday, February 14, 2015

Boy Rolling of Cockfighting

It is true that it is more fun in the Philippines, not just because of there are many beautiful places here. But because anyone are free to play cockfighting. That's why many tourist loves to visit our country because they can enjoy this sport without any restriction. They amazed for what they witnessed or what kind of cockfighting do we have here. Where ever they go they saw gamefowl chickens; even the poorest family are carrying this one of a kind bird.

But hey, it is also enjoyable to join or watch cockfighting, not only becasue we feel great thrill and excitement. There are many scenes in a cockfight arena that would make you laugh. Some cockers have a lot of gimmick every when they fight their chickens. Some of it went viral on social media particularly Facebook. Like the cocker that you will see in this video. There is a cocker, out of his extreme happiness he rolled on the floor of the cockpit arena. Some FB users that he was just wanted to teast his opponent. It also possible that he did that to become lucky with his fight. If that was the case. is this a new kind og superstition in cockfighting? Hmm...


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