Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Reconciliation of Game Fowl Chickens


          We breed and condition chickens to use them as our fighter on cockpit arena. Hence, we give all of our efforts to become a great feathered warrior. Of course, we have different styles in terms of how we train our gamefowl chickens. Before we put them in cockpit, we already seen how their fighting style through sparring. We are expecting that they will give us a good fight. But admit it or not sometimes some of our chickens, suddenly they becomes coward. In this moment, we don’t know what would be our reaction. Of course, we feel great disappointment and shameful with ourselves. We feel that we are a loser because there is assurance that we will lose in an instant.

            But in this video that posted of one of our cockmates, the chickens doesn’t want to fight each other. According to the owner of the video, it was already two minutes when he was taken the video.  It seems that the chickens had already compromised with each other that’s why they don’t want to fight anymore. We don’t know if they became coward in an instant. Well, this is very unusual scenario. As we have known, gamecocks are very aggressive and they are eager to overcome each other.



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