Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Models of World Gamefowl Expo 2015

Kokai Sarmiento

       World Gamefowl Expo is one of the biggest events in cockfighting industry. It is held three days in the beginning month of the year at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. Many cockers are waiting this event to happened. They are very excited to see what’s the latest in the gamefowl industry. Besides that they are also eager to see the big names in cockfighting like Biboy Enriquez, Boy Marzo, Al Garcia and many more.

            Of course, any event would be boring if there are no participation of pretty models. They serves serves as an appetizers or spices in the World Gamefowl Expo. These models represents the brand or a company. But they are not just giving brochures and assistance to us; they are also like celebrities because every cockers wanted to have a picture with them. I hope that you’ll be a gentlemen with them. It doesn’t mean that you can’t touch them here and there. They are just doing their job and that is to attract costumers and not to flirt with anyone. Just kidding. I knew that cockers are very kind people and we don’t want to take advantage in this kind of situation. Their beauties are really astonishing in the midst of the crowd. They are brightning like the rays of the suns or diamonds. For sure, the heart of every cocker will be captured by these pretty models.


Meg Delos Santos
Shyril Ranning

Maria Phoenix
Sai Jerome
Ronalyn Lopez
Danica Crisle Sese
Maybelle Villadelgado

Erika Raffai

Stephanie Gayle Velasco


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