Monday, January 19, 2015

Hot Dance in Cockfighting

     Hiring entertainers for any event is very natural. This is very important among cockpit owners that’s why they love to conceptualize and try new things to be different from their competitors. They are doing this to give happiness to their audience and of course to gain more profits! It is not important what ever is their motive; the most important is they are make some innovation in the world of cockfighting. They want to portray that cockfighting is not all about gamefowl chicken. So, they need to blend some ingredients to bring more thrill and excitement.

            Some of the operators hired accoustic band like you’ll see in Pasig Square Garden. Then, some of them are hiring roundgirls like what Mapher Alvarez offers in his cockpit in Luisiana, Laguna. Aside from it, there is also a cockpit conducted a human boxing. If possible they want you to become their regular costumer.

            In this video posted by Julius Masilang that already went viral on social media, the cockpit owner hired dancers to entertain their costumers. But this is not typical dancers who just dance at the stage. They are like Mocha Girls who are very known for their naughty dance steps. This kind of dance will make you laugh. One thing for sure, the participants are very happy because of what they experienced. If the dancers would invite you to dance with them, would you accept it? Hmm...



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