Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cockfighting Scandal

         It is more fun in the Philippines! This is very true, not because our country has many beautiful places and hospitable people but also because also of cockfighting. Every cockers are really enjoying with this sport. Some people are very serious with their crafts, but there are also other people want to be different when they are fighting their chicken in a cockpit arena. Some of them love to dance, doing a karate move, making some noise, etc. But the person in the video is very funny is very funny. This is more descent compare to the cocker in Angono because of his excitement he undress himsel all the way. Please, don't be disturb and imitate their action. Other would think that you're already out of your mind. Just kidding!

Thanks to Christoper Torres for letting to share me this on this site.


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