Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Cockers Prayer

Dear Lord, Ever loving father, Source of Wisdom and Light. We thank you for gathering us today
In the spirit of Your Son, Jesus Christ You create the beauty and splendor of Your Creation,
We praise and reserve You always.
We thank you for creating us to become Your co-steward of Your
Creations which comes from ends in You.
You gather us together today for a common interest and a common mission
Our Love for our national sport and pastime, the sport and game of the
Filipino Gentlemen, cockfighting
The beauty of this animal astound us and reminds us of your beauty
Its courage to fight until death Reminds us to have courage in life
Especially in times of trials, temptations, and even despair
To fight for truth and justice to fight for human rights
To fight for those who are oppressed
The pride of the fighting cock is our pride of being Filipino
The pride of being true gentleman. The pride of what is our own
As much as we are grateful to You, our heavenly Father, for giving us the
Enjoyment of Your creation, and for making a community among us
Through our passion and love for this great animal and Conversion.
We pray for our beloved fellow who have sadly destroyed the integrity and
dignity of cockfighting.
For those who have been obsessed in winning at all cost and for those who
have been unfair and dishonest in their dealings with others, we ask for
forgiveness and for Your unfailing mercy.
For those who have been hooked up in their compulsion and vise to gamble
And have missed the essence of thee sport, and have destroyed themselves
And their families as an evil consequence, we ask for Your grace to lead them  back to You.
We especially pray our poor fellow cockers, that You always
protect and keep them in your care.
(Written by Fr. Kim Bautista)


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