Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Laughing Chicken (Rooster)

              Maybe you already heard or watched a video about the laughing chicken also known as Ayam Ketawa.  For others, this kind of chicken is unique, but this is very common in some Asia countries. It was originated from the Sidenreng Rappang in South Sulawesi, Indonesia.  Based on its history, the chicken became a status symbol of Royal family in that country. But it became more popular when the monarchy in Indonesia had been ended. Indinosian cockers considered this chicken as a symbol of courage, social status and heroism. They are using this in competition for laughing chickens with a perfect crow particularly the Governor of Sulawesi Cup.

                You will be amazed with the characteristic of this chicken because when they laugh it sounds like a human. If you’re walking int he street and you will hear the crow of laughing chicken, maybe you will be annoyed. You will think that there is someone laughing on you although there is no funny about you. In the end, you would just laugh when you found out that it is just a chicken. But if you’re a hot tempered person; you want to get caught the chicken to cook it. Just kidding! Let us hear their beautiful crowing!



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