Friday, December 19, 2014

Pride and Glory of Being a Champion in Cockfighting

    If I would ask you a question about what’s your memorable experience in cockfighting. I’m sure you will mention the championships that you gained from the derbies that you had joined. You can’t really explain the feeling that you felt during that time. It seems that you’re feet is floating on the clouds because of the happiness that covering into your whole being. It seems that you want to shout to the world that you made it. Or it seems that you want to dance to express your feeling. Maybe it is hard to talk with you during that time because you can’t believe that you won. Your mind became a blank and still roaming from somewhere. Or you became a very talkative, you want to share all the details how you win the fight. You’re very proud of your team, it seems that you’re the best in your place.

            You were also happy because you became a celebrity in an instant. The people around you became curious and they asked what’s your bloodline and what’s your secret to gain the championship. If you’re a cocker who’s had a low profile personality, you’re only a humble despite of the victory that you achieved. You would say that you’re just a lucky guy. But in reality you did all the right things to do and you’re not just an easy-go-lucky type cocker. You’re joining in derbies because there’s something that you want to prove to yourself. How can you say that you’re a successful breeder or a cocker if your chickens are always a loser. So, you need to become a champion. If not, you need to make a good score or else there’s something wrong with your system or your bloodlines are too weak.

            Now, what’s your memorable championship that you already achieved? Did you won in a 3,4,5 or 6 cock derby? It is not important if you’re just a winner of a small-time derby. The most important is the happiness that you experienced and the respect that you gained from other cockers out there. Money is just a secondary, although the prize is a great motivation for every one of us to join in a derby. For sure, you’re treating your trophies as a precious gem. You really take care of it and displaying into your house. The trophies are not just a symbol of your success, but it also reminds your great experience that one time you became a champion in a particular derby. Despite of many challenges and competitors, you’re one of the winners or even a solo champion!

            Competion is just a natural in every aspect of our lives that’s why we love to compete. It serves as a challenge to pursue our knowledge and strength. And as a cocker, we always aim to reach the next higher level. We are always looking forward although there are also times that we become a loser. For us, defeat is just a temporary and not an end of our career in cockfighting. For sure, you want to become a winner in a prestigious derbies like Bakbakan and World Slasher Cup. Because if you could win in the major derbies, your name will be written in the gamefowl history.


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