Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cockfighting With a Twist

            As a gamefowl enthusiast, do you already imagine that our favorite sport has a video game version like Street Fighter or the favorite computer games among youth particularly the DOTA?  Is this really exciting or do you still want to see the real action in the cockpit arena? Of course, you still want to watch live chicken fights. But it doesn’t matter whatever will be your answer. The most important is there are some people who loves our sport and they are creating other way to express their hobby. Hence, they are experimenting and wants to create a buzz in gamefowl industry. Either it is a serious thing or it is just for fun.

            There is a video went viral on social media about video games for cockfighting. The video was made by two people from Iraq who are also die hard cockers. They interpreted cockfighting in a different way and for sure you will love their creation.

They pretends that they are playing a video game which the stars are gamefowl chickens. You will be amused by their creativity. Hope that someday, game developers would create a video game dedicated for us.  They should that gamefowl enthusiast will patronize it especially those people who are living in a country where cockfighting is not allowed. At least, they could still play cockfighting in video form.


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