Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cockfighting in the Eyes of the Critics

            The animal rights activist groups and their allied says that cockfighting  is animal cruelty. But we as a cocker, we really knew that kind of accusation is not true. Yes, we admit this is a bloody sport, but not a cruelty to animal. If cockers are brutal with animals it would reflect to our character. We are also cruel to human. But we knew that cockers are kind and very gentle man.

            It is very natural for gamecocks fight each other. They were born to kill each other and no one can resist from that instinct. To do that, maybe there is a scientist that could take away that kind of traits. For me, cockers are only shaping the bird’s ability and not just to manipulate nor exploit them. Yes, we use gamecocks for entertaining purposes, but what’s wrong with that? Remember, that human being is higher than the animals. Chickens are under our control. The society don’t condemning dangerous sport for human like boxing and any other physical sport. So, for animal rights activist; don’t look at it as a gruesome activity. Cockfighting is a genuine sport. This is very popular from now and then.

         But if we analyze, there is an irony about the crusade of animal rights activist groups. They are saying that they stand for the right of animals. How come? According to some reports, when they are raiding in a farm specifically in America, they are only culling the chickens that they confiscating. Is this not a cruelty to animal?

            When the gamecock survives in a fight, there’s a tendency the owner will make them as a breeding material and live until they die naturally. They are luckier than native chickens, people breed them just to kill and eat them. We give them all of our attention because we love them. We are treating gamecocks as a extension of ourselves. We spend money to buy all their needs, even it is expensive. We built farm to be their home. When they get sick, we are giving them the best medicine to cure them. And when they lost in a fight, we will become sad. But we know that even we lost a warrior, we knew that they had contribution for us to be a better cocker. For defeat is only temporary, we may win next time. And for animal rights activist; please don’t judge us.


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