Monday, December 15, 2014

A New Version of Cockfighting?

            Cockfighters are one of the most cheerful people in the world. We can see this every time we have fight. Because of our joy and excitement, sometimes we dance; feeling that we are on a dance floor. While some of some are shouting; it seems that we won in Lotto. As a human, this is only natural. But some of us is doing bizarre things to make to entertain people or to simply express their madness that playing on our mind. We may do this, to capture the attention of other cockfighters. Imagination is our limit. Like what you will see in this video, there is a man playing slippers on cockpit arena. What a heck! We don't know what he ate; all we knew what he did was very unusual thing. Imagine, instead putting his chicken on the arena, he chose to play his slippers. Maybe he wanted to make a new trend in cockfighting. Slipper is cheaper than chickens, LOL.



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