Sunday, November 9, 2014

Gamefowl Post Battle Care

          There are newbies asking what to do after they used their gamecock in a derby. Is it okay for a wounded chicken to give a food when they go home? Well, before that they need to give a treatment first to the wounds of their cock by approaching the cut doctors or they can do it by themselves.

                Regarding to the question, it depends upon the situation. There are things that they should consider. If the gamecock has a minor injury, it is okay to give them food. If  the cock have a deep and many wounds it is good if they will not give them food. Giving water to the cock is just enough. Don’t worry, they would not deteriorate their health by not eating food. Even if  they will give food, the chicken would not digest it. If we compare it to the human, if we are stressed, we don’t have also an appetite for food. The chicken is disturbed that he got from the fight.

                What the chicken needs is to take a rest and to regain his strength. Just hope that the chicken don’t have a great damage. So, they could use it as a breeding material or they could use is to their future fights.  But for now, disregard this kind of thoughts. They need to take care of their chicken; for it was already shown braveness.  

                On the other hand, there are some cockers says that they don’t giving food to their wounded chicken in one week. They believed that their athlete could never die through this system. Well, that’s their style; they already knew the strength and weakness of their chickens. 

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