Monday, October 27, 2014

The Role of Cockfighting in Tourism

Many people don’t understand what is all about cockfighting. For them, this is just a gamble and a brutal sport. They don’t understand that this is a billion industry because it serves as a livelihood to thousands of Filipino people. On the other hand, we can consider this also as an attraction to the tourist. Why not? There are thousands of cockpit arena that they could attend. There are a lot of big derbies in our countries such Candelaria Derby,World Slasher Cup, Bakbakan, etc. Foreigners wants to participate or just watch to that big events.

We already knew that cockfighting was already banned in America because of the intervention of the animal rights activist. Of course, that is really nightmare for American cockfighters. If there is a good thing that happened about it; they putted their attention in the Philippines. Yes, we are still importing chickens from them. But they don’t have any outlet to fight there. Instead, they would conduct an underground derby just to express themselves, but it is very dangerous for them. We knew that the authorities there is very strict to the implementation with their law. They even not allowing the sparring of chickens there. Unlike here in the Philippines, the local authories are giving protection to the organizers of tupada or illegal derby.

The cockpit owners should develop their place, so they could attract more costumers including foreigners. One of the cockpit arena in the country is San Juan Coliseum own by Mr. Bong Pineda. Aside from being systematic, you will love its ambiance, the environment is very smooth and clean. You will also love their delicious food in their canteen. Don’t think that I’m just promoting this coliseum, what I want to point out is other cockpit should reinvent their place. They should put an aircon if they afford and please clean very well also their CR. I heard complaints about the bad odors of the CR of some cockpit arena. Why don’t they maintain it? For sure, they have a budget for that. Don’t just think about they could earn; but think also how to give an excellent service for their costumers.

The Department of Tourism should also do their part to help the gamefowl industry. They could promote cockfighting to the foreign land; they can invite them if they want. They should show them the beauty of cockfighting. The DOT should realize that our industry is helping the country, not only in giving livelihood to the people but also it promotes tourism. Many foreigners going here in our country just to enjoy cockfighting and some of them already decided here to stay. 

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