Friday, October 24, 2014

Starting a Game Farm E-book: A Guide for the New Gamefowl Breeders

                Are you just a newcomer in the cockfighting world and you want to set up also your own gamefarm? But you don’t know where to start or you don’t know what are the basic things that you need to do? Starting a game farm is not easy, but if you have a guidance from the expert you would avoid mistakes.

                This e-book written by Doc Andrew Bunan is a good reference for you to build your game farm. Doc Bunan is very popular in Philippine cockfighting scene. He is a gamefowl breeder expert and a segment host of the oldest cockfighting television in the country which is Tukaan. This is e-book is easy to read because the words here are direct to the point and the tips are very practical. He will answer some questions like where is the right location to build a game farm, how many chickens could you breed in a certain lot area and many more.  

                The good thing about this e-book is you could buy in a very cheap price! Imagine, in just $3.99 dollars, you’ll get a very precious knowledge that other people won’t give it to you. But Doc Bunan is  very generous that why he is sharing his wisdom, it serves as his contribution to the gamefowl industry. So, grab your copy now and tell to your friends about this e-book. It may help them also if they also want to put their own game farm.

                If you want to buy this e-book just click this link- Starting a Game Farm e-book


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