Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cockfighting, a Gentleman's Sport

         Cockfighting is a very different sport if we will compare it to other sports. Not because this is a bloody sport; the chickens are killing each other through gaff which serves as their weapon. What cockfighting makes different to other sport is, there is a true camaraderie within our rank. The brotherhood is very intact although we are fighting our chickens. We consider this as just a sport and nothing personal. We are still friends in or outside the cockpit arena.We knew that like in any other sport, sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. Sour graping has no room in our hearts. What we have is showing respect to our opponents even if we lose in their hands.

The good thing in cockfighting it is very easy to win; our fight is just between “meron o wala” or “dehado versus llammado’. We don’t really care even if we lose; we can make it next time. There will be another derby tomorrow, all we have to do is just to prepare. We will become only a loser if we cheat our opponents. Cheating is a big NO, NO in cockfighting. The true cockers are not doing such evil act.

            Cockers are also known for being gentleman because we are one of the honest people on earth. Why? We are just throwing our money in the cockpit arena and no one can put it except the winning bettor. If we are betting we don’t need to sign any contract, verbal agreement is just enough even other of us stake their million pesos. We trust each other because we are giving importance with our commitments. We have ‘palabra honor’ or we are true to our words.  This is the unwritten law inside cockpit arena that every cocker should follow.  

            Aside from being honest, we are also very kind with our cockmates. We never discriminate people who ever they are. It is not important who ever you are as long as you love cockfighting, you’re very welcome! We will notice this inside the cockpit, the poor and the rich one are cocking together. It shows that cockfighting promotes equality. There is also no issue about gender, you’re welcome even you’re a girl or a member of third sex. As a matter of fact, we also idolize women who already made their name in our sport like Osang Dela Cruz and Rubi Yu Panis.  We believe that cockfighting must be enjoyed by other people whatever is their situation in life and gender.


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